Internal Family Systems and Art Based Wellness Programs for Women

Hello & Welcome. I'm Charity and I'm glad you're here.

Whether you're struggling, seeking support for your growth or curious about the sacred feminine, I'm here to help you find your Self and put her in charge.

I hope to learn more about your story. Read a bit of mine here.


I haven't always loved my life or business

Like so many women, I spent a huge portion of my young life striving for what made sense to want, without ever learning to listen to the true calling of my heart. I was oriented to a future mapped by 'shoulds'. 

I knew I wanted to help people. Amidst a brutal divorce when my youngest son was just 1, I went headlong into graduate school and earned a Master's degree in Psychology. It seemed a good step toward independence.

What could be more helpful than becoming a therapist?


What we think we know

I finished my Psychology degree at Goddard College, focusing on Expressive Arts Therapy, and began my clinical career embedded in my local domestic + sexual violence agency while I completed 4,000 hours of supervised practice. I learned more here in 3 years than I could have in 10 anywhere else.

I got very good at trauma treatment + crisis response. I also got intimately familiar with burnout. When I needed more flexibility to do single-parenthood well, I shifted into private practice.  

I built a thriving business but struggled with the limits of therapy. Many women were longing for something deeper and I was, too.

Revisiting + reinventing

While building my practice, I trained with the IFS-Institute in Boston and became a Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist. As a psycho-spiritual model that's also evidence-based, IFS maintained aspects of humanity I found other models scrubbed clean of. More than trauma therapy, IFS is a complete worldview and invites it's use across many kinds of work. 

As I became more skilled at IFS and less enchanted with medicalized mental health, a knowing took root in me that everything I was learning was meant to manifest differently. I combined IFS + Art in my own growth journey with incredibly powerful results. 

Womens wellness programs based on inner relationship

Forging a more personal, purposeful path 


In 2021 I took a 6-month sabbatical from my practice during which time I found my way back, after over 20 years, to Sacred Feminine practices. Largely by chance, I attended an in-person women's Temple in Massachusetts. My soul asserted, on no uncertain terms, that I was home. I remembered a deeper truth of who I am.

Since that time, I have stepped deeper into Priestess training, begun holding Temple gatherings and witnessed a very different kind of growth and healing in the women I serve.

The Alchemy of Essence + Expertise



It's hard to be ALL of who we are when, as women, we're taught to people-please and box-check our way to "success". Learning to listen inside + act on my highest truth has been both an adventure and a gift. 

Today I enjoy maintaining a Private Practice offering IFS Therapy, Self-leadership Coaching and Mentorship for women determined to lead from their Sacred Self. 

If your journey could use more soul, sisterhood and navigational support... let's talk.