Sacred Feminine Spiritual Self Development

Hello & Welcome. I'm Charity and I'm glad you're here.

Our stories are what truly connect us. Here's a little bit of mine:


I haven't always loved my life or business

Like so many women, I spent a huge portion of my young life striving for what made sense to want, without ever learning to listen to the true calling of my heart. I was oriented to a future mapped by 'shoulds'. 

I knew I wanted to help people. Amidst a brutal divorce when my youngest son was just 1, I went headlong into graduate school and earned a Master's degree in Psychology. It seemed a good step toward independence.

What could be more helpful than becoming a therapist?


What we think we know

I finished my Psychology degree at Goddard College, focusing on Expressive Arts Therapy, and began my clinical career embedded in a domestic + sexual violence agency. I learned more there in 3 years than I could have in 10 anywhere else.

I got very good at trauma treatment + crisis response. I also got intimately familiar with burnout. When I needed more flexibility to do single-parenthood well, I shifted into private practice.  

I built a thriving business but struggled with the limits of therapy. Many women were longing for something deeper and I was, too.

Revisiting + reinventing

While building my practice, I trained with the IFS-Institute in Boston and became a Level 2 Internal Family Systems Therapist. As a psycho-spiritual model that's also evidence-based, IFS maintained aspects of humanity I found other models lacking. More than trauma therapy, IFS is a complete worldview and invites it's use across many kinds of work, not just therapy.

As I became more skilled at IFS and less enchanted with medicalized mental health, a knowing took root in me that everything I was learning was meant to manifest differently. I combined IFS + Art in my own growth journey with incredibly powerful results. 

Womens wellness programs based on inner relationship

Forging a more personal, purposeful path 


In 2021 I took a 6-month sabbatical from my practice during which time I found my way back, after over 20 years, to Sacred Feminine practices. Largely by chance, I attended an in-person women's Temple in Massachusetts. My soul asserted, on no uncertain terms, that I was home. I remembered a deeper truth of who I am.

Since that time, I have stepped into formal training as a Priestess in the 13 Moon Tradition, learned the art of Alchemical work as a Ceremonialist and witnessed a very different kind of growth and healing in the women I serve.

Re-Rooting & Rising Whole



We're each here for a purpose. Our essence is that purpose. Mine is to support women who walk as change agents to do so in their full self-expression. It's always been who I am. Today it is also what I do. 

What was once a career in clinical psychology has distilled into a more potent, liberated, soul-centered approach to wholeness. My work now encompasses my own art, bespoke website & content creation and professional development for women change-agents via courses, groups & retreats. 

My path is such a departure from what I imagined but more fulfilling than I ever dreamed. 

Your story can surprise you, too. I'd love to support you in writing it from within