A Different Approach to Being Whole & Well

 Attunement with the earth + moon, and ritual practices are how women communed with the divine and nurtured their wellness for eons. 

When we lost connection with these practices, we lost connection to the divine within us. To our power. To the natural relationship between The Great Mother (earth) and our 'wells' within. A wasteland was born, literally + figuratively.  

The restoration of women's rites is essential to our wholeness, and thus, the worlds' repair. 


From Private Practice to Sacred Practice...

Hi, I'm Charity

I am trained as a psychologist and have worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for several years. But when my deeper, higher calling came knocking I wasn't sure quite how to answer the door. 

I embraced the Sacred Feminine in my youth but had moved it into second place - hidden it - to follow a more linear path to helping others. Years later, heartsick + buried under medicalized mental health work, I finally broke.

I broke open. I found my way back to the Sacred Feminine. Into Temple experiences. Onto the Priestess path. To remembering who I truly am.  

Today I walk in greater devotion to my higher calling as an Artist, Priestess & Mentor. Creating and holding Temple Ceremonies is one of my great joys in this work. 


"This past weekend was life-shifting for me in the best way possible. Since our time I feel like my eyes are much more open and my mind much more aware".

Mallory, Temple attendee

Step Into an evening of

Sacred Ceremony

In a Temple Ceremony we:

→ Gather in deep meditation + Contemplation

→ Release blocks + call in our divine empowerment

→ Find + Offer Witnessing of Our Deepest Truths

→ Enjoy safe container of powerful personal growth

→ Journey, journal, dance, connect + take up space!

The world is shifting + many women feel called to change with it, but don't know how. Temple is a safe place to begin that inner journey home


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