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The Art  of Inner Relationship

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Hi there, I'm Charity.

I help women thrive in lives they love through Inner Relationship. 


So often the women I work with are disconnected, numb and depleted. Despite "having it all", and regardless of gratitude, they still struggle to feel fulfilled. 

Many of us feel called to something more but it's unclear & we don't know how to answer. So, we do what we're taught: strive, serve, achieve... and repeat. 

I'm no exception. Like many women, my fulfillment was elusive & most obstructed by one thing: Self-abandonment


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Healing self-abandonment Often

Requires a New & Different Lens

We don't know what we don't know. That's why so many brilliant women build the lives they've dreamed of and still feel... incomplete.

Despite high achievements, women still ache for more. But we aren't longing for more achievement. We're longing to be more whole.

Bright, successful women often still don't know how to know themselves. This has been the story of countless women I've served, as well as my own: we are cut off at our roots

On The Return Journey

we meet ourselves as never before. and we are usually amazed at what we find.


So many bright, capable, high-achieving women still don't know how to know themselves deeply. I've seen it in my therapy practice, and it's also been my story.

We are urged to disconnect from our inner voice & wisdom in girlhood. Many of us begin to hear it calling, often as we near midlife, but by then we have no idea how to answer

Along my path I learned to answer the call and I also created a unique & powerful map. Today I teach the art of inner relationship to women ready to stop self-abandoning & step bravely into their full Self-expression.  


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Nothing can impact your quality of life more than a

Healthy Inner Relationship.

It is the goal that serves all goals. 


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