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In seasons of change, it's easy to be distracted by the horizon. New strategies for our 'best life' are offered daily, in a world that keeps accelerating. 

However, things are shifting. Many women are seeking a kind of fulfillment that we know in our bones but which we can't quite find. 

If you're ready to stop striving, and start thriving in a life of fulfillment that's rooted in your soul, I'm here to help you course correct and discover your path unseen. 



"Charity's work draws you in with an unparalleled understanding of what it is to navigate a life of meaning"

E.W. - Program participant

Hi, I'm Charity

I'm here to cultivate beauty, meaning & the full self-expression of women


I'm a Therapist, Artist, Priestess & Mentor.  It took me years to lead with my whole truth because so many 'shoulds' were in my way. 

This happens to many of us, often in girlhood. We get cut off from our inner source and go through life bleeding at our roots. Checking boxes and chasing goals, finding our finish-lines empty of the prize.

No matter how many boxes we check, if we haven't re-rooted & come home to our inner 'North', no path will lead us to fulfillment. Until, that is, we learn to stop checking boxes and start checking in.


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